Eytan Millstone


[12:34] “I think comedy, of all the performing arts…is the most fun. I’ve done some serious acting, some public speaking, and all of those disciples are similar in that you need to be vulnerable and portray a certain emotion, but comedy is the only one where people enter the room expecting to laugh.”

[13:30] “Many comedians have said, once you kill, it’s the best drug you’ll ever do, and it’s hard to want to do anything else besides make people laugh.”

[15:41] “Everyone has the ability to take a tool out of a shed and use it, but some people practice using that tool a lot more than others and get really, really good, and all of a sudden they can build a house. Anybody can say something funny and make their friends laugh, but to be able to understand why it’s funny and how to harness that into a career–that’s the ‘sharpening your tools’ element.”


Synopsis of the show:

Our guest on this episode of A Breath of Fresh Marketing is Eytan Millstone, a Brooklyn-based writer, performer, director, and producer hailing from Toronto. He is one half of the NYC comedy duo Jay & Eytan and the co-creator of the YouTube channel YouTube Comment Theater. 

We chat about comedy and performing and how quarantine has impacted the two. He shares his story of growing up funny, getting into (and dropping out) of theatre school, and breaking into the comedy world on his own. He delves into how he met his comedic creative partner, Jay Wells L’Ecuyer, and how they came to work together. Finally, he shares his advice for aspiring comedians on making it in an increasingly competitive landscape.

You can find Eytan on Twitter and Instagram at @EytanMillstone and on YouTube under YouTube Comment Theater.


A few things you will learn from the podcast:

  1. You’ll hear a professional comedian’s take on how to move to New York City, make it work financially, and break into the comedy/show business industry.
  2. You’ll learn how Eytan developed into a comedic “Jack of all trades,” working on the writing, producing, and performing sides of stand-up comedy, filmmaking, and YouTube content creation.
  3. You’ll learn how the coronavirus has affected and changed the comedy and show business landscape.


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