Dr. Viviana Coles

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[9:18] “It’s a different way to use my skill set–that’s what I love about it. I can only see so many clients face-to-face…but in this situation, it’s wonderful because I get to reach so many more people who are struggling and don’t want to be struggling in a relationship, and they can learn from not only my expertise but from all the experts on our panel.”

[11:32] “I knew that I wanted to eventually get married and have children and have a career that would work with a home life, and I realized very quickly that, for me, having a private practice was the way to do that.”

[15:13] “What it typically looks like is helping each individual partner to figure out what it is that sex, intimacy, and emotional intimacy means to them, and then somehow create a narrative between the two of them that makes sense…When we work with these couples, it’s about helping them to realize that their sexual behaviors and extension of the feelings they have for each other and it’s an investment in their marriage.”


Synopsis of the show:

In this week’s episode of A Breath of Fresh Marketing, host Melissa Psihudakis and co-host Mallary Thompson discuss sex and relationships with Dr. Viviana Coles from the hit Lifetime series, Married at First Sight. Dr. Coles is an accomplished psychotherapist who has helped countless couples put the spice back into their relationships. 

Dr. Coles shares the challenges and rewards of her work in psychotherapy at her private practice, Houston Relationship Therapy. Her goal is to help couples experience success in their relationships and sexual intimacy. She also shares how Married at First Sight came to be, how she got involved, and what surprised her about working on a TV set.

Find Dr. Viviana Coles on Instagram and learn more about Houston Relationship Therapy, her amazing private practice.


A few things you will learn from the podcast:

  1. You’ll learn all about maintaining a healthy intimate connection with your partner and laugh a lot along the way!
  2. You’ll hear a bit about running a private practice, from how Dr. Coles started and grew hers, to how she has shifted to virtual consultations in light of the pandemic, to the #1 sexual intimacy issue couples bring to her.
  3. You’ll hear Dr. Coles’ shares how Married at First Sight came to be, how she got involved, and what surprised her about working on a TV set.


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