David Cooper

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{9:15} “When you surround yourself with people who view the world as you do and have an evangelical passion for creating this change in the market, then anything is possible.”

{19:15} “I want to give [small businesses] the same caliber ammunition as Nike. And the way we do that is by building a system that is really simple yet powerful and effective. And if we do it right… It can be extremely cost-effective.”

{23:00} “Bad guys are smarter than us. And they are nimble. All they have to do is react to the market and take advantage… producing counterfeits is inexpensive… and [counterfeit products] flood the market.”

{47:35} “If you’re someone just starting out and don’t know what to do… If you are looking for something that you can really get behind and you can really make a difference in, it is brand protection.”



David Cooper is the founder and CEO of IPSecure, a digital brand protection company with a mission to protect the integrity of online marketplaces such as Amazon. Backed by 20+ years of experience safeguarding online brands, Dave’s vision for IPSecure was to finally close the gap between protecting IP online and driving eCommerce revenue growth.

Along with his co-founder, Chris Anderson, he has worked with various different businesses applying his unique program to catch and report illegitimate products, therefore protecting the integrity of his clients.


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