[08:14] “It’s so incredible watching the way, with social media and technology, the Disney fandom has grown.”

[09:56] “There’s never been once that I’ve walked into a party to spend time with kids and walked out not feeling like I’m on top of the world. I think to be able to immerse yourself in that joy and innocence and give back with these people you’ve never met is one of the most magical things.”

[17:14] “LA is such an incredible place, especially if you want to get into film. If you are disciplined and work hard, you will make it. If you have the ability to pivot with the times, think of it as a business, and keep that discipline, you’ll make it.”


Synopsis of the show:

This episode of A Breath of Fresh Marketing features Catherine Mangan, the founder of This Princess Life, a party company based in Kansas City, Missouri that specializes in Disney princess characters. They hold fairytale storybook readings, dancing, face-painting, and other activities.

In this episode, Catherine tells us her story, from how This Princess Life came to be, to how it’s adapted to the age of coronavirus, to where she sees her business going in the future. You’ll hear Catherine’s story of how she began performing as a kid, her favorite part of her job, the sweetest moment of her career so far.

If you’re an aspiring actress, Disney princess, or personal stylist or just a fan of all things magical, you’ll enjoy our chat with Catherine Mangan!


A few things you will learn from the podcast:

  1. Catherine tells the story of her stint in Hollywood, the mistakes she made, and her reflections on her time on Hollywood.
  2. You’ll learn how Catherine built a side hustle as a personal stylist and her reflections on the growing gig economy culture.
  3. You’ll hear how Catherine has adapted her event business to the age of a pandemic through virtual visits and in-person visits with precautions.


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