Cassie Stephens

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{3:44} “One thing I’ve learned from teaching is that we are learning right along with our students, what to do, what not to do, and just hoping to do better the next day.”

{10:50} “When you discover something you really enjoy for the first time it can be pretty cool and that was my experience when I took my first painting class.”

{21:30} “Creative people have to take their creative vitamins, just like any other vitamin. If you don’t, you start to feel a deficiency, a kind of weird feeling of something not being right or off.”

{33:05} “Everyone thinks that an artist is someone whose painting hangs in a gallery, let go of that notion. An artist is someone who enjoys creating, period.”


Synopsis of the show:

Cassie Stephens is an art teacher and blogger based just outside of Nashville, TN. After teaching for 23 years, she continues to learn new things from her students almost every day. She infuses her love of art into her daily life and is known for creating colorful dresses and outfits based on the artwork of her students.

As a fashion lover, Cassie has always been inspired by vintage clothing. After learning how to sew in her 30’s, she began creating dresses featuring famous artwork as a way to introduce new artists to her students. She describes her style as a mix of ‘50s fit and flare and the bright colors of the ‘80s.

While she wasn’t initially interested in teaching, Cassie quickly fell in love with painting in college. She decided to pursue a degree in painting and agreed to include an education degree for good measure. She landed her first teaching job in Nashville. After throwing herself into teaching full time, she was inspired by her students to return to her creative roots and began finding new ways to incorporate art into her class. 

Cassie was approached by the Nailed It team after they discovered her YouTube videos and initially turned the project down because she didn’t know how to bake. After speaking with the producers, she decided to give it a shot and went on to win the competition. She says the experience taught her that you should always go for something, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone


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