Brandon Tobias

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{13:44} “If you had an astrology or a tarot reading and something that was said hit you very deeply, what does that cause? Well, it causes a deep, face-to-face introspective or coming to terms with some truth that needed to be reflected to you…”

{37:54} “Everything I say should be something you’re already knowing or feeling. I just act as a confirmation(…)through that knowingness, it gives clients a little bit more peace of mind and trust.”

{44:00} “What really broke it open was tarot. Tarot was the thing that allowed me to trust more in my spontaneous creation of knowledge and articulation of the energy that was coming. Then, after that,  it was validation.”


Synopsis of the show:

Brandon Tobias is a former college football player who grew up in a very traditional family before later discovering esoteric concepts like astrology and tarot cards. While working as a valet for a luxury hotel, he felt as if he was missing his soul’s true purpose and discovered new inspiration after finding astrology.

He first started studying astrology to have an intellectual understanding of the energies that impact our soul’s journey and to have a clear map of a person’s highest potential. While studying this, he unearthed his ability to intuitively channel energetic messages, which later led him to learning the art of tarot reading. 

As an intuitive guide, he helps clients find their true purpose by connecting with spirit guides and interpreting energetic messages that the person may need to hear. This allows his clients to heal, move forward and trust that they are on the right path. He also partners with other spiritual teachers to host virtual events that include mediation, mythological storytelling and astrology readings. He hopes to create events that can help people all across the globe to find their true purpose.


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