Adam Goodcoff

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{8:50} “[Medlife] has allowed students and learners all around the world to get exposure to medicine to see if it’s anything they like and to test their knowledge.”

{11:00} “…we started it to educate people, to show people medicine, to get them excited about this stuff and it’s really inspiring to see that people are enjoying that, sharing that with their friends and that they’re choosing to follow me.”

{11:58} “One of the appealing things about TikTok and Instagram Reels is that it’s really challenging the creator to… hold attention, but to say something useful in such a short amount of time.”

{23:15} “Put your mind to a goal and be realistic… things that you can actually achieve and monitor your progress… medicine or any of these long-term goals are a marathon. They are not a sprint… You’ll be surprised how far you’ve made it.”



Adam Goodcoff is an Emergency Medicine Resident, YouTuber, and TikTok/Instagram creator. He is the CEO of MedLife, and has two successful YouTube channels, “You Be The Doctor” and the company’s namesake “The Medlife,” where he teaches viewers about medicine in an entertaining way. 

He started out writing blog posts about his time in medical school and used that experience to jumpstart his MedLife Youtube channel, TikTok, and Instagram pages, with a goal to entertain, educate, and inspire students and fans alike about medicine.


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